How do you write the equation in slope intercept form given (0, 8) with a slope of -2/3?

1 Answer
Jul 17, 2016

# y = -2/3 x +8#


This is easiest equation to find because all the information you need is given.
The slope is stated as such. # m = -2/3#

The point that is given is actually the y-intercept because the x-co-ordinate is 0. so,

#c = 8#

Plug the values into #y = mx + c " to get "# y = -2/3 x +8#

If any other point is given and you know the slope, there is a nifty formula for the equation of a line which applies in just such a case where we are given the slope and one point.

Using this formula requires only ONE step with substitution and some easy simplifying. Works like a dream...

#y-y_1 = m(x-x_1)" m = slope and "(x_1,y_1)" is a point"#

Substitute the given values and simplify.