What is the equation of the line with slope # m= -2# that passes through # (5,-8) #?

1 Answer
Nov 17, 2015

I assume you are using slope-intercept form.


Slope-Intercept form looks like this: y=mx+b, and since we already know the slope and m is the slope's value, we plug in the slope for m. Our equation now looks like:
All we have to do now is find the value of b (the y-intercept.) In the final equation y will be left as y and x as x.
To find b we plug in the coordinate. -8 for y and 5 for x.

Now that we have the b value we are almost done. All we need to do is write out our final equation. Plug in 2 for b and -2 for m and you should get:


Hope this helps!