How do you write an equation is in point-slope form for the given point (1,-7) slope -2/3?

1 Answer
Oct 29, 2016

The equation of this line in point-slope form is #y + 7 = (-2)/3(x - 1)#.


The point-slope form of a linear equation is #y - y_1 = m (x - x_1)# where #m# is the slope of the line and #(x_1, y_1)# is a point on the line. Since we have both the slope of the line and a point on the line, we only have to substitute the appropriate values in the point-slope equation.

#y - -7 = (-2)/3(x - 1)#

Normally, we would be finished, but we must change the double negative to a positive to have this in proper form.

#y + 7 = (-2)/3(x - 1)#