Nerves and Hormones

Key Questions

  • Harmones are the chemical substances that are directly secreted by the endocrine system in the blood steam. There are different kinds of endocrine glands which secrete different harmones and constitute our endocrine system like pancreas secretes insulin. Insulin helps to control blood sugar level in the body, ovary gland in females secretes estrogen which help in developing the secondary sexual charatersticks and progestrone during pregnancy, thyroid gland secretes thyroxin which regulates carbohydrate, protien and fat metabolism in the body to provide best balance to the body for growth. They were some examples showing how harmones are useful for the body. There is a very little differrence between the female and male endocrine system that is males have testis as there endocrine gland and females have ovary as there endocrine gland. enter image source here
    The digram illustrates male and female endocrine system.