What is the slope of the line perpendicular to # y=6/5x-2 #?

1 Answer
Jan 17, 2016

The slope of a line perpendicular is the negative reciprocal of the original slope. That's to say you invert the numerator and the denominator and multiply by -1.


Assuming #m_2# represents the new (perpendicular) slope.

#m_2# = #-5/6#

The perpendicular slope is #-5/6#

Here are a few exercises for your practice:

  1. The following graph represents a linear function of the form y = bx + c, where b and c are whole numbers. Draw on the same grid the line of the function perpendicular to this function.

graph{y = 3x - 1 [-10, 10, -5, 5]}

  1. Find the equations of the lines perpendicular to the following. Hint: First convert to slope intercept.

a) 4x - 4y = 8

b) 2x + 7y = -5

  1. Is the following systems of equations parallel, perpendicular, or neither to each other?

2x + 3y = 6
3x + 2y = 6

Best of luck!