What is the improved quadratic formula in solving quadratic equations?

1 Answer
Apr 5, 2016

The improved quadratic formula (Google, Yahoo, Bing Search)


The improved quadratic formulas;
D = d^2 = b^2 - 4ac (1)
#x = -b/(2a) +- d/(2a)# (2).

In this formula:
- Quantity #-b/(2a)# represents the x-coordinate of the axis of symmetry.
- Quantity #+- d/(2a)# represents the distances from the axis of symmetry to the 2 x-intercepts.
- Simpler and easier to remember than the classical formula.
- Easier for computing, even with a calculator.
- Students understand more about the quadratic function features, such as: vertex, axis of symmetry, x-intercepts.

Classical formula:
#x = -b/(2a) +- (sqrt(b^2 - 4ac)/(2a))#