How do you solve for x when you have #4x-2(3x-9) \le -4(2x-9)#?

1 Answer
Nov 25, 2014

Start by distributing the 2 and the -4 on each side of the inequality (multiply the -2 by 3x and by -9; multiple the -4 by 2x and by -9).

That gives you:
#4x-6x+18≤ -8x +36#

Remember, when you multiply the -2 by the -9 on the left, it becomes positive 18.

Since you have 4x - 6x on the left side, you can make that -2x.

Now you have:

Get your variables on one side by adding 8x to both sides, and your numbers on the other by subtracting 18 from both sides and you are left with:

Dividing both sides by 6 gives you the answer: