How can you tell that an organism reproduces asexually instead of sexually?

1 Answer

Asexual reproduction is mode multiplication without the union of gametes and formation of zygote.


The asexual reproduction is perfomed without the union of male and female gametes. Union of the gametes and formation of zygote is absent. In these asexually reproducing organisms the sex organs are absent, functionless or asexully special bodies adopted to directly multiply. There is no chance of sexual reproduction, except asexual modes.

In asexual reproduction vegetattive cell/s undergo multiplcation and clones are formed. It is quick process of reproduction without major variations.

Generally, higher plants and lower groups of animals are adopted to asexual mode reproduction. Budding, grafting, cutting etc., are the modes asexual reproduction.

Amoeba is called as immortal animal, because it multiplies by asexual mode. Some other examples of asexually reproducing organisms are Hydra & Sachchromyces by budding, potato by cutting of tuber, rose by grafting and cutting etc.

Importance- 1-It is a quick process. - Variations absent, Pure genes are maitaned for long period. Thank You- Dr B K Mishra, India, Patna.