What is the most important difference between asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction?

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Mar 2, 2018

There are many written below.


Sexual Reproduction- is a mode of reproduction in which formation & fusion of gametes take place.
The offspring produced are not identical to their parent or to each other, hence, it leads to variation in population .

  1. It is an elaborate, complex, & slow process.

  2. It is usually biparental & involves meiosis .

  3. Plays a vital role in evolution .

  4. Common in higher animals with complex organisation.

Asexual Reproduction - does not involve formation or fusion of gametes.

The offsprings produced are genetically identical to their parents & referred to as clones .

It is simple, & fast process.

It is always uniparental & involves only mitosis .

It does not play important role in evolution .

Common among single celled organisms & in plants & animals with relatively simple organisation.