What is genetic code?

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Apr 4, 2017

The genetic code is an informational system stored in the four bases of DNA


The sequences of the four bases in the DNA code for the mechanisms and products of all living organisms.

DNA bases code for the production of proteins. A group of three bases called a codon, code for one amino acid. There are 20 different amino acid that make up the material of living things. A strand of DNA will code for a sequence of amino acids that result in the production of a protein.

DNA also codes for the way that proteins are to be assembled. Large sections of DNA code were once thought to be "junk" DNA because they don't code for proteins. These sections of DNA apparently code for how the DNA is to be used to assemble different parts of the body.

The some of the big questions are about how the DNA code came into existence? How did the information come to be coded onto the DNA? Is it possible for the information on the DNA to spontaneously change into a more complex and useable form?

It is a three nucleotides code for the amino acids.


It is a combination of three nucleotides of the the single strand of DNA. The genetic code reconizes a particular amino acid during the protein synthesis.
The anti-code is found on the tRNA. The anti-code finally carry a amino acids towards the genetic code, where protein synthesis is going on. Thank you

Dec 14, 2017

Genetic code is specific combination of nucleotides that contain set of rules which are used by the cell to read the DNA or RNA gene sequence and translate it into corresponding protein.


Genetic code constitutes sequence of three nucleotides specifically known as codon. The reason is that two nucleotide codon does not form enough combination to code for #20# different amino acids.

And four nucleotides(A, C, T and G) form only #4^2# or 16 different combinations which are also not sufficient for twenty amino acids.

While three nucleotides codon can form #4^3# or #64# different combinations. So, it's more than enough to code for #20# amino acids. That's why genetic code occurs as a triplet code.

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