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2 Answers

Animals and Humans reproduce through Gametes. Sexes are different in these animals and Humans.


Males produce Male gametes and Females produce female gametes. Then these male and female gametes fuse to produce Zygote. Hence they reproduce through gametes.

Aimals reproduce by spores and gametes, but humans reproduce only by the union of gametes.


Generally, the lower groups of animals are adopted to both asexual and sexual mode of reproduction. In favourable conditions they reproduce by asexual, while in un-favourable reproduce asexually.

In un-favourable coditions the un-encysted form of Amoeba cells encysted and formed spores by the process sporulation. In the life cycle of Plasmodium vivax, the encysted oocyst called sporont, present on the stomach wall of female Anopheles host, by the process of sporogony of sporont, the sporozoites are formed.

But humans like other higher animals always reproduce by the union of gametes. Male and females are prerequisite for gametes formation. But scientists are trying to search other modes of reproduction without involvement of gametes.