Fitting Lines to Data

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    I think what you are looking for is Linear Regression calculation, such as provided by the good old Commodore SR4190R. Does your calculator support it?


    See for example,

    Calculator Help: regressions

    for the TI-83 and TI-84 calculators.

  • Preferably, all of them.

    If you have fantastic data, you should be able to draw a straight line through all of the points.

    However, this is not true in most cases.

    When you have a scatterplot where not all of the points line up, you have to try your best to draw a line that goes through the middle of the group of points, like this:

    You can find the exact line that "best fits" your points by using a graphing calculator (it should be called "linear fit").

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    See below.


    A outlier in the data is when it is not near or close to a set of points.

    As shown above, the dot that isn't near or close to the other data point is an outlier.

  • A scatter plot is simply a graph which shows the locations of all the data points in a set.

    So if I have the set enter image source here

    my scatter plot would be enter image source here

  • A rough guide is to have approx half the points above and half of them below the line. You can find the mean of the #x# values and the mean of the #y# values and ensure the line passes through this point but it does not have to for most questions.