John D.

I really enjoy mathematics, and I love helping others out on Socratic in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics whenever I can.

I'm not the best at any given subject (although I can confidently assist others with problems up to Calculus 2 level in math) but I do my best with what I know and at the same time always strive to learn more.

I know I will never know everything, but it's a good goal to shoot for :D.

2,940,124 students helped

Level 14 in Algebra Level 11 in Calculus Level 9 in Trigonometry Level 9 in Precalculus Level 6 in Physics Level 5 in Chemistry Level 4 in Geometry Level 4 in Prealgebra Level 2 in Earth Science Level 1 in Statistics Level 1 in Socratic Meta Level 1 in Environmental Science Level 1 in Biology