Alan P.

Degrees in a bunch of stuff, the most relevant here being Mathematics and Education (although these were a long time ago). Work history in computer programming, running a computer service department for a federal government agency, and about a quarter century of teaching Computer Programming and Computer Architecture in a college setting. Socratic helps me focus (if I don't stay on top of it I'm slightly ADD) and keeps me from being consumed by the void.

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Level 28 in Algebra Level 22 in Trigonometry Level 18 in Precalculus Level 16 in Geometry Level 16 in Prealgebra Level 16 in Calculus Level 15 in Chemistry Level 15 in English Grammar Level 14 in Statistics Level 14 in World History Level 14 in Physics Level 11 in Socratic Meta Level 9 in Biology Level 8 in Earth Science Level 4 in Anatomy & Physiology Level 1 in Organic Chemistry I