Would you find it helpful to be able to browse asked questions by "topic"?

Within a category, say, Calculus, there are 19 major topics which are enumerated on the "Topics" page for Calculus.

Within these topics, there are subtopics which are all hyperlinked to the subtopic pages with answered and unanswered questions in those subtopics.

I think it would be helpful to not only be able to browse questions by subtopic, but also by topic. Often subtopics are very restrictive and include many of the exact same type of problem.

An example of this would be having an entire "Techniques of Integration" page where all questions that fit into its corresponding subtopics are located.

enter image source here

Personally, I would love this since I like to answer questions regarding specific topics, but don't want to have to scroll through the individual methods to find a question I want to answer. This would hone my desired scope a little better.