Where's "What's Next"?

I used to see it in the far right of the subject drop box. I cannot see it now.

1 Answer
Feb 11, 2017

Here's the deal.


The What's Next section has been removed from the Subjects drop-down menu because the Socratic team is no longer working on launching new subjects.

The Socratic app is the team's top priority a the moment, which in a nutshell means that the addition of new subjects to the site has been put on hold, at least for the time being.

The decision to remove the What's Next section was made in order to avoid confusion about why new subjects are no longer being launched.

I should emphasize the fact that the New Subjects program will be resumed at some point in the future. New subjects will no longer be launched in the near future, but the team will not give up on this feature altogether.

Long story short, you can't see the What's Next section anymore because, for the time being, new subjects are no longer being launched on Socratic.