What happens to the entropy of the sun and earth system when heat flows from sun to the earth? Will the heating energy increase or decrease during this process? Why?

1 Answer
  1. The entropy increases
  2. Heat energy remains the same.


  1. In all the spontaneous processes where heat is transferred from a body of higher temperature to a body of lower temperature, entropy always increases.

To learn why, check the first paragraph: http://twt.mpei.ac.ru/TTHB/2/KiSyShe/eng/Chapter3/3-7-Change-of-entropy-in-irreversible-processes.html

  1. Heat is one form of energy. And as the Law of Conservation of Energy denotes, heat can neither increase nor decrease during any process.

Here, sun's heat energy reaches the earth by radiation and the plants absorb that and produce food. That's why you can eat a burrito whenever you like. 😊