What biome do grey wolves live in?

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They can live in many different biomes, some include Arctic tundra and coniferous forests.


Grey wolves are also able to live in mountain areas and dry shrublands .

In Minnesota, grey wolves live in primarily in coniferous forest and tallgrass aspen parkland biomes (MN DNR ).

Grey wolves can no longer be hunted in the US. A 2014 court decision reinstated the Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Wolf populations are recovering in Minnesota with the population number being over 2,000 (it was fewer than 750 in the 1950's).

Some believe that the rebounding wolf population means the protected status is no longer necessary - you can find people with very strong opinions on both sides of the debate.

Increasing wolf populations may be playing a role in the declining moose population in Minnesota. Other factors probably also are contributing to the population drop for the moose. http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/whats-killing-minnesotas-moose-population/

Here is a review of the levels of ecology (including biomes) with a focus on Minnesota ecology which features wolves, moose, lynx and other northern favorites. :)

If you are interested in moose and wolves you should also check out this site about the research conducted on Isle Royale. It is the longest on-going research project of a predator-prey relationship.

Hope this helps!