What adaptations do plants have to survive in the tropical rainforest?

1 Answer
Mar 7, 2015

Tropical rainforest are exposed to higher humidity and high rainfall and water is available in surplus.
1. Barks of tress are less thick and very smooth, because there is no need to conserve moisture also it helps prevent growth of other plants on the bark.
2.Lianas or woody climbing habits in plants is very common, which are rooted in the soil but grows by climbing tress and reach tree canopy for sunlight.
3. Leaves have drip tips which helps the rain water flow off fast because these plants are exposed to exceptionally high rainfall.
4.Prop and Stilt roots to support the trees.
5. Buttresses near the base to support the weight of the tree against constant raining and erosion.
5. Epiphytic habit is very common where they grow on surface of other plants to take advantage of sunlight. Eg: Orchids, Ferns, Moss,