If an organism has very thick fur, how would this help it to live in the tundra?

1 Answer
Nov 20, 2017

It would help to keep the animal warm, and keep bodily functions going.


Thick fur is a type of insulation that most animals which live in colder than usual conditions often are found to have, there are also examples of a fatty layer of blubber which acts like insulation for mammals, most noticeably those which are partly or are aquatic.

The importance of keeping warm for every lifeform is to keep its normal bodily functions going, which are mainly digestion and respiration, in which enzymes and other chemicals need to be kept at a constant temperature or balance.
For example, if you were to cool yourself down (which you don't want to) you would cause all the reactions in your body to slow down, which would eventually kill you.

That is why an animal insulates itself in cold climates.