How would you find the slope of the line parallel to the line y=1/3x+2?

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Apr 25, 2017

See below.


When two lines are parallel, that means they do not intersect each other at all. For this to be true, the two lines must have the same slope. If you want a line parallel to one line with the slope of #1/3# , then the slope of that line must also, by definition, be #1/3#.

Apr 25, 2017



By definition, two lines that are parallel to each other have the same slope. Otherwise, the two lines will cross one another not being parallel.

The given equation is given in slope-intercept form:

y = mx + b

Note: m = slope; b = y-intercept

Therefore, the slope of the equation,

y = #1/3#x + 2

is #1/3#