How can technology affect human population growth?

1 Answer
Apr 17, 2016

It keeps young men in their mom's basements playing video games so they aren't out reproducing! (lol!) Reproductive technologies play a big role in curbing population growth. Reproductive technologies a small role. The role of information technologies is less clear.


For women especially, the awareness and availability of contraceptives technologies has been demonstrated to lower the number of children a woman has.

There is also a wide range of reproductive technologies for those couples who would like to have a baby, but have difficulties for various reasons (e.g. in vitro insemination). These are quite costly procedures and are not guaranteed. The impact here on population growth might be slightly more babies, as normally these people would not be able to reproduce. But, because of the costs, its probably not a big factor in overall population growth.

Social media and information technologies might be playing a role in population growth as more women and men become aware of contraceptive options out there.