Which ecosystem could be regarded as most productive in marine biome?

1 Answer
Dec 21, 2017

The answer is coral reef ecosystem . More than 25% of marine flora and fauna live in this ecosystem, but corals occupy only 1% of the ocean floor.


  • Corals are organisms belonging to phylum Cnidaria. These sessile animals grow in shallow marine habitat where water is warm, which is why coral reefs are common in tropics, between the tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn.
  • There are intracelluler symbiotic algae living in corals, which provide all sorts of colour to the coral colonies. For allowing the corals to make food, corals develop in illuminated photic zone of oceanic water.
  • Corals provide base for growth of different flora, mostly green algae and seagrass. The producers of this ecosystem are thus actively trapping solar energy, converting it into a highly productive area within ocean. High productivity means higher number of consumers can be supported by the ecosystem.
  • Animals living on corals are many echinoderms. Other invertebrates living in and around coral reefs are anemones, crabs and different crustaceans, octopus, bivalves and other molluscs, etc.
  • Small fishes and worms can live in crevices between coral colonies, moreover a variety of organisms would be able to take refuge in this ecosystem because of cryptic coloration.
  • Large predators of highest trophic level are supported by flora and fauna of coral ecosystem.
  • A small rise in temperature of water will destroy corals and consequently such beautiful biodiversity supported by coral reefs could be lost for ever.