What are some real life uses of Boolean logic?

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Nov 10, 2017

A couple of examples...


Example 1 - Light switches

Suppose you have a two light switches which can each be in the up or down position, controlling the same lights.

If the switches are "single throw" switches then you can only wire them in serial or parallel.

Wired in serial, both switches need to be turned on for the lights to come on. So that's a logical and operation.

Wired in parallel, turning on either or both switches makes the light come on. So that's a logical or operation.

If the switches are "double throw" switches then you can wire them in such a way that they implement a logical exclusive or operation. Then regardless of the state of either switch, the other switch can turn the lights on or off.

Example 2 - Reasoning about object relations

Suppose you want to ensure that you take your credit card with you when you go out. If you ensure your credit card is in your wallet and your wallet is in your bag then taking your bag with you will suffice.

Here we have a conjunction and implication:

#"credit card in wallet" ^^ "wallet in bag" => "credit card in bag"#