Question #03b93

1 Answer

Name : Moon's Gravitation
Type : Gravitational Force


Its not that tough to explain. Moon has a Mass. And if something has a mass, it has a gravitational attraction. So moon attracts the earth, the water, the soil, your building, even its attracting you and me!
But this force is not adequate enough to lift you off the ground.

But for water, its a bit different. Moon tries to pull the water up, even it becomes successful to pull up to a certain height. But then more water add up, so that moon can't keep it pulling up. And obviously, universal rule - If something goes up, it must come back!. So the water loses its height and releases its Potential Energy with a Splash in the shore. That makes the tide.

So, its Moon's Gravitation which is responsible for the occurrence of Tide.

And the type is Gravitational Force which one of the 4 Fundamental Forces.

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