How does Methane and Diamond differ in terms of structure and properties?

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Apr 3, 2018

See below :-


Structural Difference :-

Methane molecule #CH_4# has tetrahedral structure with a #sp^3# hybridized Carbon atom and #4# Hydrogen atoms bonded to it.


Diamond does not exist as a discrete molecule. It has a #3# -Dimensional structure in which all the Carbon atoms are #sp^3# hybridized and each Carbon atom is bonded to #4# other Carbon atoms.

Properties :-

1) Methane is a Gas while diamond is a solid at room temperature.

2) Methane is highly flammable while diamond is not.

3) Methane reacts much easily than Diamond.

4) Methane when converted into solid form is not much hard but Diamond is the hardest substance known.