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Nov 14, 2017

Simply said, take all the moles of each element and divide all of them by the lowest and then you're left with a mole ratio for each element


Let us assume 100 g of the steel is present in which there is
19 g of Cr and 9 g of Ni in the steel.

*The rest is iron thus it doesn't affect the problem

Convert both masses to moles by dividing by the respective atomic weights. Then, divide the moles of Ni into the moles of Cr to get the Cr : Ni mole ratio

# of Moles = Mass / Molar Mass
Note that the Molar Mass can be found using the periodic table

Moles in Cr = 19 g #-:# 52 g/mol
= 0.3653 Moles in Chromium

Moles in Ni = 9 g #-:# 58.69 g/mol
= 0.1533 Moles in Nickel

To find the mole ratio we take the largest number and divide it by the lowest number

0.3653 #-:# 0.1533
= 2.3834 = Mole Ratio

So for every 2.38344 moles of chromium, there will be 1 Nickel
This can also be expressed as 2.3834 : 1 = Cr : Ni